Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Highlights in Donald Trump's First Speech in the Congress?

Aside from the numerous standing ovations that Donald Trump received on his first Speech in the Congress, there are lot of highlights  that we many will probably like and may be disliked by some.

Acts of Violence Victims

Change Obama Care

Border Security

Immigration Laws

Here's a video of the full Speech from Donald Trump:

Who is Ryan Owens?

Ryan Owens was one of the few individuals mentioned in Donald Trump's speech that made everyone in the audience paused, clapped and stood to recognize his heroic act.  He was a Navy Seal assigned in Central Yemen who got killed in the Yakla raid.   Ryan Owens was the first Navy Seal who died under the Donald Trump administration.

The widow Ryan Owens became emotional with the very warm and sincere words of gratitude from Donald Trump and the reaction of the audience.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

It's About Time to Start an Online Business

In the past few days I've been so obsessed in finding helpful resources on how to start a business online and I found a lot of good opportunities to hopefully engage myself in.   It's so nice to know that we can now build one without having to go through a very tedious process of operating our own business online.

Here are some examples:

1. Start Selling on eBay

eBay is not a new concept and you have probably heard of this more than 10 years ago.  However, there are a lot of strategies you can implement using this platform. You may run your online business on eBay by buying used items from a garage sale, goodwill store near you, Savers.  If you're lucky you can ask your friends to sell their old stuff for a profit.

I actually did this back in 2011 and honestly I am kinda regretting right now. I could have been more patient and could have thought of other ways to expand my business. Well, looking back I was generating good income back then.  

2. Build your own Online Store with Shopify

I am also considering this.  I learned that there are a lot of suppliers, most of them are located in China, that I can source my products from.  In just a few cents added to the item price, I can have the supplier print the product with my own brand.  Then, I can build my own store and my own label via Shopify.  I tried creating a dummy store just to test the interface and so far the interface is sooo easy- even if you're not tech savvy you should be able to build your store. 

Just a tip, when building your own brand, make sure that you should be able to promote your brand in  multiple websites, especially in social media platforms using the same name.  You can check to see if a name is already taken.  Of course, after we launch our brand, we would want to promote them in either Facebook , twitter, and other sites.  

3.  Create your own Youtube channel

If you're the the type of person who would like to be in front of the camera all the time, you might as well use your hobby to build your online business.  Decide on what concept you would like to focus on your channel.  Then consistently, upload videos that could pick the interest of a lot of people.  Then, when you have already established a good number of subscribers or if you now notice that your channel is creating traction, you can probably sell items on your channel.  

There's this one channel that my child is following .  The only thing she did was make reviews on toys and at the end of each video there are merchandise posted for sale.  I bet, aside from the amount of money she gets from Youtube, she also gets a large amount from these goodies she's selling. 

Well these are just a few concepts you can probably consider.  If by any chance you get to read this post and you already have a business online, please feel free to share your thoughts and best practices.  Hopefully soon I can put these words into reality.  

I just have a strong feeling Online Business is the Business of the Future. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Filipinos Stand Proud for Pacquiao Victory

Boxing fans once again gather today to show support for their respective boxer.  The rematch between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao has been the talk of the town the past few weeks.  Filipinos have been looking forward to this match, as this will indeed prove whether Pacquiao still has the skill and speed ,that every Filipino and even the world adored ever since the defeat in the first match with Tomithy Bradley.

The streets became so silent, crime-free once again as every household waited for the final decision.  Winner by unanimous decision, Manny Pacquiao won the rematch.  Yes, Manny Pacquiao still has the power punch. The Pacquiao victory will once again put the country on a positive spot in the global scene.

We are proud of you Manny Pacquiao!  You always bring hope to the Filipino people.  

Meanwhile, Mommy D's effort to talk and hug Timothy Bradley showed that Filipinos remain to be humble amidst victory.  Mommy  D, you are such a darling of the crowd.  Whenever people see you, in your candid moment, we viewers cannot help but wear a smile on our face.  

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao on your Victory!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The End is Near... How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

Four working days left and I shall say goodbye to the company I have partnered with for more than 9 years.  It feels like it takes forever before my shift ends as I approach my last day at work.

I will say goodbye to people whom I treated as my second family. This is the saddest part of the process of letting go, especially when you are not confident they will be able to have a good work relationship with your Manager-which totally makes sense because the manager himself is very new to the company. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

You Say You're a Great Leader?

Lead by Example- this to me is one Basic Trait that all Leaders should display when handling a team.

In my workplace, we have so many Great Leaders managing various departments.  For now I would just have to say these are Great Leaders and for you to decipher if what they're showing are indeed traits of a Great Leader.   

Let's first zoom in to my department- Training Team.  Four months ago the company hired a new Training Manager.  According to his background, he has managed so many businesses particularly in the BPO industry.  From what I know a manager does the planning and Analysis, and create strategies that will close Training Gaps.  Good job to him, he does these things  in a satisfactory level.  

The big question mark in my mind right now is- if you are a manager, does it also mean you shouldn't have face time with your people?  You isolate yourself in the four corners of your room.  We are the training team; aren't we the ones who should be the most approachable individuals in the workplace?  We are the first individuals who welcome future members of the company.   

It has been four months since the day you joined the team.  I wonder how long is your onboarding phase. I think if you are a Great Leader, you should be able to confidently deal with other departments by now.  I wonder why you only choose the departments you want to collaborate with.  When asked why you're not facing these people, you said, "I'm reserving my presence only in difficult situations that require my attention."  Can a Great Leader be picky in his responsibilities?

Lastly, the trainers are very disciplined in attendance.  A five-minute late is a Red Flag in our department, as no one is there to replace you when everyone is handling a class.  Just imagine if a trainer is out sick- chaos right?  Trainers knew and understood the impact of an absence.  

One day you got sick, you were out for 4 days.  Don't get me wrong, you're entitled to that rest.  You have to recupirate to perform your tasks well when you report back to work.   On the 4th day of your absence I asked how you were.  You said your fever has gone down and you felt dizzy and sleepy that's why you can't report to work. Wait Wait Wait, you were feeling dizzy and sleepy?  I am so saddened to know that your tolerance level for pain is so low.  

Looks like you've forgotten what happened the week before.  Remember three of our trainers were out sick.  Two trainers reported even though they were having a high grade fever. One was sent home.  The other one was sent to ER because of her situation.  I can clearly recall how you were that day. Now, you're telling me you are not going to report to work because you are feeling dizzy and sleepy?  

This is really sad.  The trainers are now noticing your Great Leadership.  Even with them you still would like to isolate yourself?  When was the last time you visited the classes and introduced yourself?  You walk down the hall, will people know you're our Training Manager-definitely not. 

The ultimate Red Flag of all, one of the trainers approached you.  Yes, that day he had missed one important task.  His intentions were to let you know how sorry he was for his miss and would like to seek for someone to hear him.  I know this trainer has been so distracted lately.  What did you do?  You looked at him from head to toe and said, "No, go home."  How's that?  Is that a trait of a Great Leader?

Man, you just don't know how closely-knit this team is.  I tell you, these folks are intelligent and committed individuals.  Now, you disappoint or show Red Flag to anyone of them, I am 100% sure you will gain no Trust from neither one of them.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Taxi Driver's Modus

Before i left for work today, I received a message from my co-worker. He said that the route I'm taking on my way to work is experiencing heavy traffic.  Afraid to incur another attendance infraction, which of course can negatively impact my pay and work record, i hurriedly fixed myself and left home.

Half-way my trip I decided to take a cab so it's faster to reach the  office. One thing I've noticed in the taxi meter was-it wasfaster than the normal speed so I called the driver's attention and told him that something was wrong with his taxi meter. I really think he was guilty of tampering his taxi meter. He just looked at me and stayed silent, ignoring my call out.

When I reached the office, as expected my total bill was way higher than what I would regularly pay. I demanded for a receipt but he suddenly pressed the taxi meter to reset.  He said that the printer's not working.  Of course, with me so pissed, I decided to pay him a few pesos short than what his taxi meter suggested and hurriedly went out of his taxi.

Only in the Philippines!  This just frustrates me bug time because I myself am a taxi operator and drivers and operators like hom definitely bring bad PR to the industry and Philippines as a whole. Just imagine how many passengers this driver will have in just one day. If he drives everyday then count how many people he victimizes daily. Tsk! tsk! tsk!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

0 Fare from Manila to Bacolod

Lakat ta sa Bacolod!

What a way to celebrate Philippine Independence Day.  Tigerairways is treating us with 0 Fare from Manila to Bacolod if you book your ticket from 3:00pm-5:00pm today June 12, 2013. 

Once in Bacolod, I tell you, you will never regret your stay here.  This place has a good balance of urban and suburban lifestyle.  

Must-Go To Places in Bacolod

1. Manokan Country
2. Bob's Cafe
3. Fitness and Depot Center
4. The Ruins
5. BogBong's Pasalubong Center
6. Mambukal Mountain Resort
7. New Government Center
8. Panaad Stadium

Don't worry I'll expound on these places in my other post.  I just need you to hurry and watch out for this one of a kind promo from Tigerairways. 

Please let me know if you were able to resere a seat for you and your family. :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ordinary Rain Flooding Manila

Is Manila now in its worst situation?  Last Friday I think was one of the weirdest weather situations in Manila.  I left home last Friday ready to face my usual Friday tasks.  As a matter of fact, I still have a lot of pending obligations to finish. 

Unfortunately, while there was no rain in Cavite, when I reached Baclaran the rain was pouring so hard.  It seemed like there was a storm signal #1 only in Baclaran. 

The ending... I had to joyride back home soaked.  I missed work; therefore I had to say goodbye to my 5k quarterly attendance bonus.  Losingmy bonus was the ultimate regret that night.  Apart from that, the rest was charged to experience.

Bonding Time with Sister and the Kids at the Festival Mall

Bonding time last night with my family and my sister's family was a blast.  Baby Bea and cousin Ren, above everyone else, really had an awesome time bonding with each other.  

My sister told me, prior to our meet up, that her kiddo was complaining why doesn't he have a baby brother.     Oh My sister, I think your kiddo is now requesting for a baby brother.   My sister said, if he likes a baby sister.  Cousin Ren just blurted, what about Baby Bea, can she be my sister?  Awww... that's so sweet Cousin Lawrence.  Don't worry we'll try our best to make you both meet as often as possible.  Next on our list is the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay.  

Oh well, I've been to Festival Mall several times but I haven't really noticed the magnificent Fun Land for the kids.   They have a lot rides to offer.  The carrousel,  ferrris wheel,  and all the slot machines will make you forget how fast time flies.  Festival Mall is definitely a humble place in the south that offers great entertainment stuff.  You will notice well-off and average families will all comfortably enjoy bonding time with the family without any initmidations.  You know how it is sometimes when you visit malls whose crowd is the well-off ones.  If your kid shouts or just run around like horses, you'll notice these folks will stare at you from head to toe. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jeepney Ride under the Mid-day Sun

Time now is approximately 12 noon.  Guess what, i am currently riding a jeepney, under the feverish temperature brought by the mid-day sun.  

Thanks to the wind, though it's still hot, The humid weather is alleviated.  I'm now teary-eyed because of the smoke and dust.  I can just imagine how worse it is to ride the jeep somewhere in the main streets of Manila right now.  Smoke pollution will surely give you migraine before you even reach your destination.   In fairness,  my travel now is not that traffic.  Looks like traffic condition in Cavite is improving.

in case you just want to give it a try, ride a jeep under the mid-day sun, don't ever forget to bring water to continuously hydrate yourself. 

Hey I'm almost home.... See Ya!

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