Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Highlights in Donald Trump's First Speech in the Congress?

Aside from the numerous standing ovations that Donald Trump received on his first Speech in the Congress, there are lot of highlights  that we many will probably like and may be disliked by some.

Acts of Violence Victims

Change Obama Care

Border Security

Immigration Laws

Here's a video of the full Speech from Donald Trump:

Who is Ryan Owens?

Ryan Owens was one of the few individuals mentioned in Donald Trump's speech that made everyone in the audience paused, clapped and stood to recognize his heroic act.  He was a Navy Seal assigned in Central Yemen who got killed in the Yakla raid.   Ryan Owens was the first Navy Seal who died under the Donald Trump administration.

The widow Ryan Owens became emotional with the very warm and sincere words of gratitude from Donald Trump and the reaction of the audience.

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